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Solar Energy

Thousands of homeowners are generating their own electricity and getting paid a tax free and inflation proofed income to do it. Returns are guarenteed for the next 20 years. To find out more click here.

Community Energy

Many home roofs are not suitable for solar panels. They face the wrong way or are shaded from the sun. But anyone can invest in community power schemes and still generate income from solar panels.


Thanks to a new Government scheme we can now offer subsidy payments on the installation of heat pumps. If you currently use oil or electricity to heat your home or office please contact us. 

Solar Calculator

Your solar prices

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Why a Co-op?

Co-operatives give more opportunity for their customers and their employees to get involved in the running of the business.  As an owner of Bes Co-op you’ll control the business, and have an equal say in how it is managed.  You have a say on who runs the business, how it is run and what happens to the profits.

Basingstoke Energy Services Co-op is set up purely for the benefit of its customers. That is you. Once you become a customer of BesCo-op you can choose to become a member of the co-operative. If you do, you get a vote at the annual general meeting, which we have to hold every year.  It’s a one member one vote system. So everyone gets a fair say.  At the AGM we vote on who runs the business, what it should be doing and what happens to any profits.  Profits are distributed according to

1. How much we make

2. How much we decide to give back to the members and

3. How much each member spent with the Bes Co-op in that year.

Other advantages of co-operatives include:

  • Allowing communities and groups to take responsibility for our own needs. Villages can make a success of shops threatened with closure, football supporters can own their own clubs and communities can re-open pubs that are closed if they work together as co-operatives. Advantages are created by allowing groups with a common interest or aspiration to work together.
  • Trusted values and principles. Every co-operative benefits from our commitment to international Co-operative Values and Principles, the blueprint for a successful co-operative that has existed for over 150 years. Our commitment to ethics, community and governance mean that co-operatives are trusted to provide sensitive services to vulnerable people, such as funeral care.
  • Creating value for business and members. Co-operatives create value for their members. When co-operation is the priority, it enables provision for the best possible services for members and allows the advantages of co-operation to shine through.

There is a growing consensus on the factors that serve business excellence – a clear mission, better services and products, giving consumers power, nicer places to work, engaged staff, less social and environmental harm. There is good practice on some or other of these elements in plenty of workplaces, but taken together, they are what many would describe as the advantages of co-operation.

Find out more by visiting our solar calculator page.  This will give you a guide to how much a solar system from us might cost.  Our prices include VAT, design, installation, scaffolding, surveys and Energy Performance Certificates. There are no hidden extras.  Click here for the Solar Calculator. Or why not contact us here.