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Solar Energy

Thousands of homeowners are generating their own electricity and getting paid a tax free and inflation proofed income to do it. Returns are guarenteed for the next 20 years. To find out more click here.

Community Energy

Many home roofs are not suitable for solar panels. They face the wrong way or are shaded from the sun. But anyone can invest in community power schemes and still generate income from solar panels.


Thanks to a new Government scheme we can now offer subsidy payments on the installation of heat pumps. If you currently use oil or electricity to heat your home or office please contact us. 

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What's REACH about?

The REACH project is well underway.  We have agreed with the Government in which areas we can offer grants on installing renewable heating systems. We've also agreed what technology we can use.  The grants will be worth up to 40% of the cost of the installation.  The exact amount will depend on where you live, what heating you use at the moment and how well insulated your home is.

Because these new technologies are much more efficient than electricity, oil, coal or LPG fired systems they will save you up to £700 a year in heating costs.

We can apply for grants in the six areas shown below.

If you live in these areas and use oil, electricity, coal or LPG to heat your home or hot water then there's a good chance we can apply for a grant for you.

The grant will come from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and will contribute to the costs of installing a heat pump and/or solar thermal panels.

Don't worry if this sounds complicated - we are holding short Q&A sessions in each of the areas (see below for dates and times). At these sessions we will explain the technology, what is involved in installing it, how much it might cost and how much money it will save you.

Question and Answer Sessions will be held at;

1. Popley West, Everest Community Academy, 6:00-7:00pm Monday 5th November

2. Eastrop/town centre, Costello School, Crossborough Hill, 6:30-7:30pm Tuesday 6th November 

3. Ecchinswell, Sydmonton and Bishops Green, 6;30-7:30pm Wednesday 7th November

4. Brighton Hill, Brighton Hill Community School, 6:00-7:00pm Thursday 8th November

5. South Ham, Westside Community Centre, 6:30-7:30pm Friday 9th November

6. Norden (Oakridge and South View), Oakridge Hall for All 6:30-7:00pm Monday 12th November

At the sessions we will go through what the REACH project is all about, talk through the costs and benefits, check to see if you could get a grant and help you to fill in a simple form that we will send to DECC asking for a grant. There is no obligation to buy anything (or do anything).  We collect all the forms and send them off.  DECC will then tell us if we can get a grant.  If we can we will arrange to carry a survey, tell you what it will cost to install the new heating system and work out how much you will save.  We will then send you a written quote of the work that will need to be done.  If you want to go ahead - it's simple just tell us.  We will arrange everything else.  If you don't want to go ahead then that's just as simple.  Just say so.

What if I can't get to a session?

Don’t worry if you can’t get along to one of the sessions. If you are interested in getting the grant just email us with your name, address and postcode.  We will check if you can get a grant.  If you can then it’s just a matter of filling in a simple form.  There’s no obligation to buy anything.  Once we have submitted the form to DECC we will arrange for a surveyor to visit your home and then provide a written quote of how much a heat pump or solar panel will cost; how much grant you will get and how much money you might save.  You can then decide if you want to go ahead.

Who else is doing this?

Bes Co-op is the only organisation in Basingstoke to be selected by DECC to run the grant scheme.  Its official title is renewable heat premium payment 2 communities.  In Basingstoke we are calling it REACH.  It's a national scheme being piloted in 40 communiities across the UK.  You can find out more here and here.  We have briefed local Councillors, schools and Basingstoke Council about the scheme and you can always ask them about it as well.