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Whole house integration

Renewable energy doesn’t have to be hard work. Solar PV, Solar thermal, heat pumps, battery storage, EV charging, monitoring should all work together without you having to worry about if you’re getting the most from your investment. We design renewable energy systems that integrate with your lifestyle.

What is it?

The world of renewable energy can seem a bit daunting.

  • Whats the best way of heating my home?
  • How do I get my car charger to use my excess solar power?
  • How can I get a heat pump to work with my existing heating system?

We are experts in each technology we work with and we design systems that work together to make the best use of the resources available.

Why do it?

There are plenty of companies around that will sell you individual sysems: Solar PV, battery storage, EV chargers, etc. But how do you make them work together?

Many of the technologies work well as stand alone units, but we take a systems approach to putting the different elements together.

Heat pumps are the current solution to renewable heating with a new subsidy of £5000 per installation available to help the affordability of installing a modern, 100% electric heating system.

And even better news is that solar PV, insulation, heat pumps etc are zero rated for VAT.

 So with the price of electricity only going one way, payback times are getting better and better for those who can generate their own energy.

How does it work?

The first step is to fill in our contact form here…

We”l have a look at your requirements and get back to you with an outline proposal with some indicative costs.

If like what you see and would want to take things further, get back to us and we’ll arrange a site visit to enable us to work up a full quote with a scope of works, define the sytem performance etc, all in compliance with MCS requirements.

We involve you at every stage of the design and implementation to make sure you get what you need from your system.

Renewable energy systems
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