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Solar Energy

Thousands of homeowners are generating their own electricity and getting paid a tax free and inflation proofed income to do it. Returns are guarenteed for the next 20 years. To find out more click here.

Community Energy

Many home roofs are not suitable for solar panels. They face the wrong way or are shaded from the sun. But anyone can invest in community power schemes and still generate income from solar panels.


Thanks to a new Government scheme we can now offer subsidy payments on the installation of heat pumps. If you currently use oil or electricity to heat your home or office please contact us. 

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Feed-In Tariffs ending in March 2019

Well it now looks almost certain that the government incentives for installing solar panels will end on 31st March next year.

But all is not lost - there is still time to get a quote and the installation done - but time is running short.  There will be a rush for new systems after the New Year. That will put supply chains and installers under pressure - inevitably that will lead to shortages and price rises. There is also an upper limit on the number of feed-in tariffs applications that can be accepted in any given quarter.

Also larger systems - over 3.68kW - need permission from SSE before they can be connected. Getting permission can take 10 weeks or more.

So our advice is, if you are thinking about getting solar panels installed then do so now and use an MCS registered installer (like us!).

Call or email for a no obligation survey and quote.

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Well we've had a pretty amazing couple of months.

Peter Symonds College. Back in August/September we installed a massive 180 panel (47kW) system on the roof on one of the Hampshire’s leading 6th form colleges. After an intensive bidding and selection process the College selected Bes Co-op as the best installer and designer of solar PV systems in the region.

They asked us to design and install a solar panel system on the roof of their sports hall. As Andy Molloy, Bes Co-op Chair, said "Peter Symonds set us a tough challenge of getting an optimal system designed and installed before the start of the academic year.  We managed to get this done on time and below budget".  Peter Symonds decided to install the system after they had heard about the success of a similar one installed on the roof of Basingstoke College of Technology.  Andy continued by saying "Experience at BCoT has now shown just what the enormous financial and environmental benefits can be gained from solar panels.  Over 10% of BCoT's south site electricity is now generated from their solar panels.  They are making a return on investment of over 12% and saving tonnes of carbon emissions a year. And this are based on real evidence from nearly two years of operation".

Council Offices get Solar Power.

If August and September were good October and November were better.  In October Bes Co-op where selected by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to install solar panels on the roofs of council buildings. The first of what we hope will be many installations is at the Beresford Centre in Wade Road. This is a 20kW system that will provide free, green power to the offices in the Centre.  Bes Co-op where selected as they were one of the few installers that could meet the Council's strict conditions on design, timetable, price and health and safety.  As Andy Molloy said " We were delighted to have been selected to install this system.  The tender process was highly challenging; and we know from previous work, that the Council demand the highest levels of design and implementation". This is the second system Bes Co-op has installed for Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

SMA Advandced Installer Logo

World's leading solar manufacturer recognises Bes Co-op skills.

Our success in the industry has also been recognised by others.

In May 2013 Bes Co-op was proud to win the prestigious Basingstoke and Deane’s Mayor Award for Business.  This is an award made to a local business to re-cognise their “outstanding contribution to Basingstoke”.  Past winners have included corporations such Centreprise, Motorola, Eli Lilly, De La Rue and Winterthur Life.  So we are in good company!

In October 2014 we were appointed as members of SMA’s advanced installer programme. SMA is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar power systems.   Only Installers with advanced levels of skill and knowledge in solar system design, engineering and installation can join the programme.

And then we are chosen as North Hampshire's Small business of the year.

The year has been rounded off with the best news yet. In November 2014 we all gathered at the largest business awards ceremony in the region - the INSPIRE 2014 awards Here Bes Co-op was selected as the region's best small business 2014.

Martin Heath (Bes Co-op Director) commented “This is great recognition of what we are doing.  We are a different way of doing business - we are a co-operative and owned by our customers. They decide how we are run and managed. They decide on custmer care. They decide if we are doing a good job.  All our focus is on delivering great value renewable energy systems to the people and businesses of North Hampshire". You can hear Martin being interviewed on The Breeze local radio station here.

Last week we were appointed as members of SMA’s advanced installer programme. SMA is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar power systems.   Only Installers with advanced levels of skill and knowledge in solar system design, engineering and installation can join the programme.

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